Gratitude to create great world vibes!

Gratitude to create great world vibes!

Hello again, 

A big thank you to all our new subscribers! We are giddy with happiness that you love us back. We have been so excited that we have so many orders from new and existing customers and a big shout out to you all of you! We are so thankful!

Which brings me to a topic very close to my heart: Gratitude and Giving back! I am feeling so grateful to all that has happened and I started thinking, how do I pay this forward and create some good world vibes!;) (get it?)

I always had a vision that this travel decor business would be more than just about making profits and filling our register with sales. I want to spread some goodness in the world even if it’s a small gesture for now.

Some of you may know that we have been involved with few charities like World Vision (more on that in a later post), but I came across a charity that really moved me and I want to be a part of it. 

It's called Project GreenHands. In their own words, "Project GreenHands (PGH) is a grassroots ecological initiative established by Isha Foundation, which aims to take corrective measures to increase the green cover, restore soil health and manage natural resources appropriately. 

PGH is involved in an array of rural and urban greening campaigns across South India and has over the years partnered with the government, corporates, schools, colleges, and NGOs in various environmental initiatives."

How wonderful I thought. Here is another opportunity for us to make a difference with almost no excuses. There is an option for us to do virtual planting of trees, where we simply purchase saplings and they get planted by the organization. But what is truly gratifying is that you are sent a report on how your sapling is thriving and you are sent the exact location and status of your trees as they start blossoming. 

Project GreenHands will:
1. Let you know the exact location of where your trees are planted (GPS coordinates of farmland)
2. Give you the name of the farmer who is growing your trees
3. Follow-up with the farmer for 2 years until the trees become self -sustainable

All it takes is $1.5 per tree. (Including post-planting care and re-plantation for 2 years till your trees become self-sustainable). You will receive your tree certificate & farmer details in April 2020.
World Vibe Studio has purchased 100 saplings for now and as we grow in our business, so will our effort to plant more. There is nothing like being too excessive here, my friends! If you would like to do this, here is a link:
Please note: We are NOT affiliated with the organization in any form and not being paid to write this. 
We are proud to do this and will continue our efforts to be a green company and try to leave as little footprint as we can on our precious world.
To continue on this, we have also partnered with "Round-Up For Charity', an app that lets buyers round up their purchase with us during checkout, and the change goes to "One Tree Planted", a 501C3 non-profit based in Vermont. They make it simple for you to plant trees around the world. One dollar plants one tree. Learn more:
We hope to continue this humble beginning and do better as time goes.
Do you have any charities you absolutely believe in? We are listening. 
Thank you for your time,
May Your Wanders Never Cease,
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