Vacation or Staycation?

Vacation or Staycation?

What does wanderlust really mean to YOU?

Is it zipping across different time-zones and immersing yourself head-on in exotic cultures? Is it a whirlwind trip to many countries and cities in 2 weeks? Or is it visiting a quiet town close to home and just taking a break? 

We often see glossy posts of people jet-setting across oceans and throwing themselves in a new city with ease and frequency.

But does Wanderlust always have to be magazine worthy and fantastical?

You would think that because we have a travel decor business, we must be doing the same right? Well, think again! 

Let's face it, many of us have time constraints, money issues, and of course job and family responsibilities. 

To me, wanderlust doesn't have to be far-flung, expensive or exotic. It is an experience, not a race to get to places to check them off a list. 

We have a school-going kid, so we are at the mercy of spring breaks, summer vacations, and winter breaks. Ideally, in the spring break, we like to visit an island to thaw ourselves from the onslaught of winter months and snow. In a flash of spontaneity, this year we decided to fly to Aruba, and swim in it's bluest of blue oceans. And oh, how stunning it was! 




However, of late, I have become a huge fan of staycations. More often than not, we decide not to `travel' and just go hike our nearby parks, try local cuisine, visit our own city with new eyes and explore Philadelphia like tourists, in our own backyard! We also love taking road trips to New York, Washington and little towns along the way. We are lucky to be nestled between National Parks like the Valley Forge National Historic Park and State parks like Evansburg State Park. Check out these awesome pics of the Vallery Forge Historic Park.

Are you one of the lucky ones to live near any National or State Parks? 

Photo Credit: NPS


As the summer and winter breaks approach so does the itch to travel. Although I dream of traveling off-peak seasons to avoid the tourist traps, this is by far the most relaxing time in the year, and we are no different! We have been to foreign lands like India, Sri Lanka, England, but have also chosen to travel cross country in the US and go on short trips to Jersey and Delaware Shores. I guess our wanderlust really depends on our wallet and time. :)

So, if you are one of those people who prefers to have a more toned down vacation, just go for it. Exploring nature in your own home town, cycling down a familiar canal, or catching a movie in the park during hot summer days, are all stellar pursuits of wanderlust. 

I would love to hear where you are off to this summer, and what is your own personal wanderlust story. 

Thanks always for listening.

May your Wanders never cease!

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