Hello World Wanderers! We are Open!

Hello World Wanderers! We are Open!

Hello there! Here we are!
Our very first post for our not so new business. 

My name is Ankita and I am the founder and designer of World Vibe Studio. I cannot believe I am writing this blog and about to launch my very own site because when I started out in 2011 on Etsy, I was just curious to see what is out there. I had a full-time graphic design job and wanted to be free to do what I love most: design and create without endless hours in meetings and commuter traffic.

I was blown away by the instant hit my products were with the community and I gained my confidence quickly. Customers started asking for special custom maps, prints, and decor and I was hooked. Since then, We have had thousands of sales and 5-star reviews.

I have lived in three different continents and studied design and art in all three and the result of that is that I have people spread across the globe who I have made wonderful connections with.

It is the yearning to meet them and missing them that led me to explore push pin world maps where I could pin the cities I had created my experiences in. 
For me, it is not about marking a place with a pin but marking your memories. It is about putting a pin on your life and re-living it every time you see it. It is the adventurer in all of us that makes these maps so attractive. And to be able to add your names/quotes/dates makes it that much more special. 

With time, I started delving into our natural inheritance of national parks, mountains, and forests and I started designing location-specific art to capture the spirit of our surroundings.

These maps and products make the most thoughtful gifts to remind people where they have been, what they have experienced and how they can push their limits to unimaginable heights. Our peak bagging prints of The Colorado 14ers and New Hamshire art, for instance, have been purchased by climbers who wanted to test their grit and celebrate their conquests with these mementos on their walls.

Although I am the founder, I work with a team of reliable cartographers, printers, and framers, without whom I would not be where I am today. My efforts are also supported by my wonderful family (son and husband) who have happily accompanied my business journey.

In the future, I will be writing about all kind of things like road trips, adventure travel, peak bagging, kids nursery decor, and travel-specific posts. I promise to keep it interesting.

May Your Wanders Never Cease!
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