World Vibe Studio is a travel-inspired creative studio in the beautiful "burbs" of Philadelphia.

Ankita is the founder and designer of the business and uses her many experiences in travel and decor to dress your walls with one-of-a-kind pieces. She has a design degree from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia and has been in the design industry for over 15 years. She has traveled extensively and lived in three different continents, gaining perspectives about places and people not easily experienced by others.
Here she is, showing off her envy-inducing travels all across the globe.

A little background - A lot of progress.

We have been on Etsy and Amazon for over 7 years, with over 10,000 sales, 5-star reviews, and counting. Just recently, we opened our own store online because we got hungry for more experiences and connect deeper with our customers to give them our undivided attention. We wanted to find new ways to collaborate with lovely people like you. We are house-proud at heart and we love filling our homes and yours with unique adventure decor you will never get bored with. See what our customers are saying to get us all warm and fuzzy.


So why are we doing this?

Have you ever felt that euphoria, when you discover a new town, rummage through its little lanes and restaurants, feel alive....and then boom! It's over and you are back and cannot get the place out of your head?

Do you have strong ties to a certain place? Maybe where you were born, went to college or lived for a few years, leaving friends and family behind? We have been there too! And that's why we decided to create something that looked beautiful and also meaningful in our lives. 
These are not just little pins you are adding to a map, but little memories you are pinning and goals you are working toward.
Our Hiking and peak bagging decor, for instance, have resonated with tough climbers and hikers who have conquered these mountains and trails with sheer grit. What a great way to show someone you noticed, by gifting these unique prints on their special milestone events. All ready to be personalized with names. 

Our customers have often come back to tell us how moved their family was with their thoughtful gifts and how appreciated they felt that someone remembered their achievements. These stories keep us going and we love what we do every day.
Other than our first love, the world map, and US maps, we now design several bespoke maps and prints, including hiking, adventure sports, and state park maps.
And of course, you cannot miss our beautiful style, stunning aesthetics and the high-end quality of our design. That's all thanks to years of design experience and attention to the little details that set us apart from others. 
Our business couldn't have been where it is without you, your lust for new adventures and of course the help of our stellar team of cartographers, printers, framers, and shippers. 

May Your Wanders Never Cease!