World Vibe Studio is a Travel-inspired creative studio in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia.

About WORLD Vibe Studio

Ankita is the founder and designer of the business and uses her many experiences in travel and decore to dress your walls with one-of-a-kind pieces. She has a design degree from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia and has been in the design industry for over 15 years. She has traveled extensively and lived in three different continents, gaining perspectives about places and people not easily experienced by others.

She is living the small business American dream, still keeping it a family business but dreaming big.

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So why are we doing this?

Ankita has lived in three different continents and has a wealth of experience putting down roots in a new country but never forgetting where she is from.

The World Maps and The USA maps were a direct result of these travels. She also grew up in a sports-centric city, Kolkata (Calcutta), India, where sports is a religion. There are sports clubs every few miles and the patrons enjoy Golf, Swimming, and Tennis, among other global sports.

Ankita is not a golfer but has family who are champions in tennis and golf. Playing a sport and the spirit of competitiveness is truly a rite of passage if you grew up in Kolkata. Her family and friends play golf religiously and wanted some interesting wall decor they could be proud of. After a few design drafts, the perfect Golf art was born, among other adventure decor.

We have been on Etsy over 12 years and we opened our own store online in 2016, because we got hungry for more experiences and connect deeper with our customers to give them our undivided attention. We are house-proud at heart and we love filling our homes and yours with unique adventure decor you will never get bored with.

Our business couldn't have been where it is without you, your lust for new adventures and of course the help of our stellar team of cartographers, printers, framers, and shippers.