Solo Traveling! This one's for you girlfriends!

Solo Traveling! This one's for you girlfriends!


Over the past few years, girls have been sharing tips and tricks about traveling as a woman in this big wide world all alone.

As girls, we seek that fairy tale type of adventure, but fairy tale in today's terms is just getting to the destination safely.

So I've taken the time to add some of the best tips I’ve seen over the years to help with your solo travel and trust me, YOU. GOT THIS GIRL. So grab that camera and passport and let's get started. 

Okay So firstly let's be honest, it can be scary traveling by yourself for the first time, but with these tips.

Tip #1: 

Make sure that someone in your close circle whether it be family or friends or that boy that you are texting back him (wink wink ) knows where you are going and knows your whole travel plan .This is important so that if you are stuck or if something happens, someone is looking out for you.

So keep in touch via Social Media. And if you meet that cute boy asking about you, don’t share too much information girl. In this situation, the term “ play hard to get “ should be your motto. Your mama would be proud! 

Tip #2:

Make sure to do research on the country that you are heading to. And try to learn some important phrases in the local languages. Have a look at this great site for more info.


Tip #3:

Try and travel and sightsee as much as you can in the daylight. It is a fact that more incidents happen at night than during the day so, if you are going to be embarking on long journeys, try and travel during the day, like they say “suns out buns out “ {oh and I mean hair buns ladies}. If you do have to take very long journeys, try using trusted transportation and looking for a private cabin or couchette that can be locked. It’s always helpful to plan on arriving at a destination during the daytime, and you also get those welcome drinks !! 

Tip #4:

BLEND BLEND BLEND !!! This one is not about makeup sweetheart so keep reading, One of the easiest ways to attract the wrong type of attention is to wear clothing and to carry yourself in a very different way than the local women. Avoiding outfits that scream “TOURIST!” is some pretty obvious advice. So keep your thinking caps on.

If the country you are visiting has women that dress modestly do the same, as this will help you to avoid being singled out as a potentially vulnerable target. So embrace a maxi dress and some sneakers! 


Tip #5:

Most people these days travel with a camera, or something valuable. These will all be very attractive items for thieves. Be discreet with your possessions. 

Try and avoid flashing these around and only take them out of your pack when necessary, yes you can try to snap Brad Pitt, but just take the flash off. It is also smart to keep your passport, visa, and wallet on you at all times or locked away somewhere you trust and have the key on you at all times. Put it in your bra girl! Have a look at these amazing pocket bra’s.

Tip #6:

Always remember you are NOT alone, there are so many other women traveling near you too, so reach out a hand and make friends. Have a look at this great page for info

So that's it, Girlfriends! Now book that ticket, grab that map and let’s go!!!
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